How Can These Help My Business?​

We can help you troubleshoot any issues you are having with your various devices. To check what devices we can help you with see our list here

Optimize your mobile phone experience by integrating it with you computer and your cloud applications and storage.

Identity and data are the “Crown Jewels” of the modern computing environment, and a great convenience when used properly.  It is with these elements that enable you to review your smartphone pictures from your desktop computer or log in to a website with your Facebook user name.   It can also increase your exposure to hackers and other bad actors on the internet.  We can help you make the most of your portable identity ad data while limiting your exposure to credential and data theft.

Even the most experienced computer users have clicked on an email attachment only to find that they have been exposed to a computer virus, fishing sites or “ransomware.”  These can be inconvenient, time consuming, costly and a little scary.  We can help remediate these malware problems and help you get quickly back to work.  We can also inspect your PC for existing vulnerabilities.    

We will assess your computing and storage needs to recommend the best scenarios to utilize online services to store your documents, photo, videos and music.  We can also recommend cloud-based productivity solutions where appropriate.  

Do you hear a strange clicking sound coming from your laptop?  Is your computer running slow?  Before you start shopping for a new computer let us evaluate your current hardware.  It might be a simple as replacing a hard drive changing a video driver or adding additional memory.

We provide end-user training for individuals and small groups.

MAC or PC?  Samsung or iPhone.  We have helped numerous clients with their technology purchase decisions.  We provide over the phone advice and “concierge” personal shopping services.