Mitchell Manasse

Computer Geek, Electronics Technician, Engineer, Audiophile, Musician


Nido Networks





  • 215-262-3102


University of Florida

Cleveland Institute of Electronics


Microsoft Certified IT Professional

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

HP-UX Administrator

About Me

My lifelong passion for analogue electronics and digital technology started in my parent’s basement dismantling and (usually) re-assembling radios, televisions and early audio systems.

I was an audiophile before the term was invented and have always sought to combine my passion for electronics and computers with my love of music. 

I am an avid music collector, musicologist and guitar player as well as a collector of vintage electronics gear.

I have worked as an audio/video engineer, computer and Information technology consultant, sales engineer, program manager and business owner.

I have also worked for some of the most storied companies in the history of media and technology industry including Columbia Pictures, Unisys, AT&T and Microsoft.  These have given me deep experience not only in technology but working on challenging projects with some of the most demanding clients in the world.

As a television engineer, I was witness to the dawn of the personal computer.  When I saw what these little boxes could do, vs. refrigerator-size mainframes, at a fraction of the price, my plan was set.  I re-skilled and re-trained.  

I received numerous technical certifications including “Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.”  I went to work at a large retail company and eventually landed at Microsoft where I became an expert sales engineer focusing on desktop and endpoint technologies such as Windows, Office 365, and Endpoint security. 

Now I am taking my training, skills and “Microsoft Diploma” to help customers make the most of their technology investments.